Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 6

May 2, 2022

Read part 5 (from last week).


Winnie's Whoosh offering her a bandage.


At times they got bruised. They got scratched or got scraped.
Winnie startled a moose once. It scared her. She hurled.
Her Whoosh once got lost in a fog but escaped.
They were each other’s happy place, each other’s world.


Winnie staring out of a window.


Eventually darkness would come and they’d go,
go back to Yagott with its sparkle and glitz.
But things started changing, all sneaky and slow.
Good things, when we lose ’em, we lose ’em in bits.


Two guys looking at their phones.


Every day down in town Winnie heard people say,
“Life’s about numbers! About keeping score!
So rate every moment you work and you play,
then compare to your neighbors to see who scores more.”


Read part 7.

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