Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 5

April 24, 2022

Read part 4 (from last week).

Winnie and her Whoosh playing.


On some days they’d fashion a scepter and crown
from branches and bunches of grasses they’d braid.
Winnie’d say, “I’m the Wish Queen, protecting the town!”
Her Whoosh would say, “I wish other Whooshes had stayed!”


Winnie and her Whoosh lying in the grass.


They’d leap in a stream and emerge coughing phlegm.
They’d shake themselves dry and lie down in the grass.
They’d watch a worm and the worm would watch them.
They’d stare at the sky just to watch the clouds pass.


Winnie and her Whoosh staring at the stars.


Then they would bounce up and bound through a field,
to the base of a cliff, which they’d climb for the view.
They’d wait-wait-wait-wait till the stars were revealed.
When the stars blinked and twinkled, they’d ask, “How are you?”


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