Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 9

May 21, 2022

Read part 8, from last week.

The path to the Pass of Pazain


She let the tug tug her out into the night,
away out of town and up into the hills,
toward the Pass of Pazain, keeping her Whoosh in sight,
up way up high, till the air gave her chills.


Winnie, thoughtful.


The chase and the chills cleared the clouds in her brain
and when your brain’s clear then your heart can start seeing
What Winnie soon saw gave her heart a hard pain:
Her Whoosh had grown lonely while Winnie’d been ME-ing.


Winnie, thinking about her Whoosh.


“I’ve gotten distracted. I’ve acted so blindly.
Me and my Whoosh are a pair. We’re a TWO.
We’re partners together when life treats us kindly,
and also when life makes us so scared we pooh.”

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