About Us

Who we are and what we believe.

320 Sycamore Studios

320 Sycamore Studios is a Seattle-based independent children’s book publisher.

Founded by writer Jeff Williams and entrepreneur Bob Thordarson, the company’s mission is to make it easy for families to slow down and connect over read-aloud stories.


Because we believe that reading with kids can change the world for the better.

We send out digital stories or chapters free each week to everyone on our mailing list while offering physical books, e-books, and related merchandise for sale.

We have readers all over the English-speaking world who write to say how the stories have helped them connect with their children, their grandchildren, and their students.

Which makes us feel pretty great.

The Four I’s

Here are the four things we most value as a company


Keep asking “What if … ?” and interesting things will happen.


Love yourself and do your best to love others, even imperfectly.


We try things. Sometimes they don’t work. We try more things.


Life doesn’t need to be so hard. Let’s play!


Jeff Williams

At the beginning of 2018, Jeff asked himself what he would be doing if he let himself do what he loved instead of what was “respectable.” The answer came pretty fast: Write more kids books!

So he started getting up at 5:30 every morning to write for an hour or so before going to work. Within a couple years, he’d written about 40 books (and counting). So he got together with his friend Bob to start a publishing company.

Jeff has two children, now in college, and lives in Seattle.

Bob Thordarson

Bob Thordarson is a Seattle entrepreneur who’s spent more than two decades launching creative and technology businesses. In addition to 320 Sycamore Studios, Bob is currently a founder or co-founder of:

  • Rivet Hammer (2015-present), a boutique digital agency.
  • BluCapp (2007-present), which develops world-class SaaS products.
  • Experiential Insight, a mobile platform that offers executive-quality coaching to small groups of non-executives.
  • Yolk.tv, a news, culture, and media site dedicated to the expression of Asian American identity.

Bob is also a board member and the Accelerator Chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapter in Seattle.

He loves sharing stories with his daughter, and when time allows, training for triathlons and roaming around the great Seattle outdoors.

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