What does FAQ stand for?

Free All Quokkas.

Why are you called 320 Sycamore Studios?

We’ll give you 3 hints:

1. Each person’s life touches so many other lives. When they aren’t around they leave an awful hole.

2. You see, George, you’ve really had a wonderful life.

3. The Old Granville House.

If a more than one cow is a herd, and more than one ape is a troop, and more than one fish is a school, what is more than one quokka?

A flokka.

I found your poem about the maggot totally gross. Can you update future versions of "Ooh Odd Zoo" with something more cuddly?

Sigh. We can’t. We have to keep Maggot in there. We promised his mom we would.

Why are your stories so weird?

Well, because WE’RE so weird, writing weird stories is normal for us. It would only be weird if we wrote normal stories.

What if I don't have a child to read to? Will one be provided for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot supply children at this time. It’s actually illegal.

However, you do have several options:

1. You can read the book out loud to yourself.

2. You can borrow a neighbor’s child.*

3. You can adopt a child of reading age.

4. You can meet someone nice, make a baby together, and wait approximately 5 years. By then, we’ll have lots more books for you.

*Please return them when you’re done.

Where do you get your ideas?

From dreaming dreams, from taking walks.
From outdoor pictures drawn in chalks.
From being bored, from being not.
From gooey oozy things, like snot.
From where we stand and where we sit.
From being weird and loving it.
From listening to a seagull’s cry.
From saying yes. From wondering why.
From asking “What would happen if … ?”
From wandering in the garden. Sniff.
From reaching out and welcoming
whatever any day may bring.

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