Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 8

May 14, 2022

Read part 7, from last week.


Winnie leaping a dog.


She threw off her quilt and jumped up and got going.
She clambered through backyards, leapt dogs and climbed walls.
Her Whoosh wasn’t trusting. Her Whoosh wasn’t slowing,
despite her cajolings and coaxings and calls.


People watching TV.


The whole chase took place with no people remarking.
No one was outside to hear her or see.
No one heard clanging or banging or barking.
Yagotters were inside, all watching TV.


Winnie's shoes aglow.


Although Winnie Wisp felt a little bit foolish,
she trusted the tug on the feet in her shoes.
Although Winnie Wisp felt a little uncoolish,
that tug was a feeling she couldn’t refuse.


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