Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 3

April 12, 2022

Read part 2 (from last week).


Buildings in Yagott.


That’s what had happened in a town called Yagott,
where people liked thing-ing. It’s what they called “fun.”
If they weren’t thing-ing they watched screens a lot.
That’s why they were Whooshless. (Well, all except one.)


People of Yagott

Because they were Whooshless, they lived life out-loudly.
On weekends they trooped to the Thing-a-Lot store,
Yagotters were groupers. They went places crowdly.
Their motto was “Nothing’s enough when there’s more!”


Hands reaching up toward fireworks.


They craved shiny treasures and treasured distraction,
like fireworks shows that could make them applaud
or shoot-em-up movies that jangled with action.
Only one had a Whoosh, and she was a bit odd.


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