Winnie’s Whoosh Went Walkabout, part 2

April 4, 2022

Read part 1 (from last week).


A person and their Whoosh in the nighttime woods.


Say you go off alone for long walks in the woods,
or sneak out at night to watch far stars parading.
If you tend to ignore all the oughts and the shoulds,
your Whoosh is what pushes away the afraiding.


A person with colors radiating from their heart.


Your Whoosh gives you poems, new colors in art,
suggestions you find inconveniently true,
Your Whoosh is the part that says, “Follow your heart.
Follow the way meant for Y-O-U you.”


A Whoosh walking away alone.


The thing about Whooshes though — they’re pretty shy.
If they feel forgotten or smothered or swirled,
they may leave you one night without saying goodbye.
And then you’ll be Whooshless, adrift in the world.


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