The United States of Anagram, part 4

July 26, 2021

Answers below. See the previous five states.

Anagram map of Arkansas

Anagram map of Florida

Anagram map of New Hampshire

Anagram map of Oklahoma

Anagram map of Tennessee

NASA’s Ark = Arkansas

  • Ax a Tanker = Texarkana (We messed up TEXARKANA above. “Tanker Tax” has an extra T and not enough A’s. But we’ve fixed it in the final version to “AX A TANKER”. TEXAN ARK also works and is kind of funny, but I didn’t want to repeat “ark,” since we had it in the state name.)
  • First Moth = Fort Smith
  • Hogs Sprint= Hot Springs
  • Ruminant Kazoos = Ozark Mountains (a┬áruminant is a hoofed mammal, like a cow or sheep)
  • Ticket Roll = Little Rock (This is another one we switched. “TICKET ROLL” just seemed better somehow.)

Far Idol = Florida

  • Atlases Heal = Tallahassee
  • Darn Loo = Orlando
  • I’m Ma! = Miami
  • Ma + Pa = Tampa (I had this in the original copy doc, we we forgot to put it on the map! We’re fixing it in the final version.)
  • No Acrobat = Boca Raton
  • Ocean Pals = Pensacola (One of my favorites. And a nice companion to SEA DOING for SAN DIEGO.)

A Hen Whimpers = New Hampshire

  • Aha, Sun = Nashua
  • A Piranha I Call Pat = Appalachian Trail
  • Corn Doc = Concord
  • Dryer = Derry
  • Newish Mutation = White Mountains
  • Recent Hams = Manchester

Look, a Ham = Oklahoma

  • Calamity? Oh, OK = Oklahoma City
  • Dine = Enid
  • Latte Swirl = Stillwater
  • Odd Men = Edmond
  • Salut = Tulsa (“Salut” is a way to say “cheers” in Spanish.)

Teen Sense = Tennessee

  • Before Rumors = Murfreesboro
  • Chat on a Goat = Chattanooga (We changed this. CHAT ON A GOAT feels funnier. Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.)
  • Ill-shaven = Nashville
  • Love XL Kin = Knoxville
  • Pies, Hmm? = Memphis
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