“Ooh Odd Zoo” Bonus Creature: The Flug

July 16, 2020

After we wrote “Ooh Odd Zoo,” some of our readers began suggesting imaginary animals for us to feature.

We were happy to oblige!

This week, say hi to the flug.

Flugs are sluggish birds that stick thick to things
like other flugs or shrubberies or rocks.
Flugs wag their feelers and flap tiny wings
each time they ooze across your lawn in flocks.

Flugs are, despite their being viscous, cute.
They find little in the world to bug ’em.
But should you find some snuggled in your boot
go barefoot. It’s tricky to unhug ’em.

If you should ever want to give a flug
a tug I’d not. They’re hard to get unlatched.
There was this kid who gave a flug a hug.
He’s 90 now. The flug is still attached.

On summer evenings when the mood is right
and the sky looks good for flapping weather
Flugs fly and fill the world with pinkish light.
Ain’t life grand when friends all stick together?

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