“Ooh Odd Zoo” Bonus Creature: The Bunbat

July 30, 2020

After we wrote “Ooh Odd Zoo,” some of our readers suggested made-up animals for us to write about.

Here’s the latest in the series. Meet the bunbat!

They come out at night.
They bounce through the day.
They’re expert hunters.
They love nibbling hay.

They like to cuddle
and swoop from above.
They hide away shy.
They love to give love.

They’re not quite a bat,
not quite a bunny.
They love the moonlight
and like it sunny.

They play in a field.
They sleep in a cave.
Although they’re polite,
they do misbehave.

Because they’re different
they’re misunderstood.
It’s hard for others
sometimes to see good.

But bunbats are wise,
they like being mixed.
They know who they are,
don’t need to be fixed.

Kid if you worry,
because you’re not seen
know we’re all Easter
and all Halloween.

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