“Messy Blessings” Part 2

November 23, 2020

Here’s the second half of our story “Messy Blessings.” You can read the first part here.


Bless grumpy people on the train.

Bless highway traffic in the rain.


Bless snakes that hide beneath the flowers.

Bless minutes fast becoming hours.


Bless all the people you forgot.

Bless nada, zilch, and diddly squat.


Bless your goofing. Bless your botching.

Bless the TV that you’re watching.


Bless mischief that you instigate.

And bless too little done too late.


Bless U-less words that start with Q.

Bless chicken pox and bless the flu.


Bless you’s and me’s and poohs and pees.

Bless morning breath and cavities.


Bless good and bad and all the rest.

‘Cause good or bad, life’s better blessed.


Now, look around at all you’ve yessed

and count your blessings, kid. And rest.

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