“Messy Blessings” Part 1

November 16, 2020




We “No” so much there’s much not blessed

but don’t you think it should be stressed

there’s more in life that should be yessed?

Here, let’s put blessing to a test …


Bless rotten pumpkins. Bless some bugs.

Bless awkward people’s awkward hugs.


Bless those nettles. Bless this cactus.

Bless a booger just for practice.


Bless snot and phlegm and sneezing fits.

Bless you with all your stinky bits.


Bless smog and soot and ash and dust.

Bless cars dissolving into rust.


Bless ordinary blades of grass.

Bless any piece of broken glass.


Bless hissing brakes and baby wails

and chalkboards under fingernails.


Bless feeling sick and throwing up.

Bless feeling weird and growing up.


Bless making fun of boring art.

Bless laughing so much that you fart.

You can read part 2 here.

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