Davey Dobbs SHOULD NOT, part 6

January 18, 2022

Space …

… is a big place for an astronaut alone.

Space Ranger Davey Dobbs doesn’t mind. Adventure is his middle name.

(Not really, because then his initials would be DAD, which would be weird.)

Space Ranger Davey slows his ship, squeezes some pizza from a tube, and stares out at a carnival of stars.

Davey Dobbs is NOT SUPPOSED TO take the rocket-cycle for a joyride.

Moments later, Davey is zooming away from the mothership on his rocket-cycle. He pats the meander in the back pocket of his spacesuit and whooshes the rocket-cycle up to maximum speed. He banks. He arcs. He slaloms through an asteroid patch. He shouts with joy, not caring that no one can hear him.

Until he spots the chasers.

Soccer players on star-bikes. Math tutors, too.

Captain Math Tutor fires a warning shot from his laser cannon. Pssshew! A voice crackles across the radio in Davey’s helmet, “You’re NOT SUPPOSED TO be here.”

Davey zooms away.

Back toward the asteroid patch.

The chase-posse pursues.

Davey zigs.

The posse zigs.

He zags.

They zag.

Up and down and over and around the space rocks.

The posse closes. Lasers ping off asteroids.





A laser blast hits Davey’s rocket-cycle and breaks the engine.

Davey tumbles toward an asteroid, unable to steer. If he hits it, he’ll be smashed to pieces



Davey clutches the meander. “I have the right to meander!” he shouts.

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